strategic growth guidance & direction to drive your brand & business forward aligned with the evolution of you

You're Ready to Dream Bigger

You know its time to Stop staying small & second-guessing yourself

You want less chasing & hustle, More Ease & Fun in ALL Areas

You want to create your
Brand & business,  not just react to it

You want to Cultivate Brand that is An Expression & Extension of YOU...

you're in the right place if...

sound like you...scroll on!

Building a personal / Thought Leadership / expert  / influencer brand
is one of the greatest pathways to
  Self-discovery, growth, Impact and Connection.

As you evolve, so does the brand and business.

as the Saying goes...
Your Next Level of Success Requires a Next Level YOU.

Yes, It's REALLY true.

so...what makes this process easier?

This allows you to more powerfully say YES or NO to what you’re creating and HOW you’re showing up.









Having a clear picture plus, roadmap of your own personal + professional up-level will support you when challenges or obstacles present themselves (and, another saying that's also true…"every level has a NEW devil." )

This allows you to apply & execute the right strategies at the right time specifically for you and your business so you don’t get bogged down with trying to create everything all at once & bamboozled by 'bright shiny syndrome.'

This provides more clarity for both you and whom you serve plus, moves you out of the generic, the vanilla and the vagueness so that you stand out from the crowd.

and, you don't have to do it


Too many entrepreneurs are:

 ...too close to their businesses (and themselves for that matter)
...Operating in the trenches
...Or, staying in a state of overwhelm becomes a challenge to work these pieces ALL on your own.

These CORE Success Factors are critical for making decisions on where you want your business to go and how you want to drive it.

I’m part consulting strategist… who offers advisory on what to move forward with, what to ditch, where opportunities/possibilities lie that are specific for you & what needs improvement/refinements.

And, part coach…who holds the space for us to marinate in new ideas, flush out issues that reveal themselves & deep dive into any mindset challenges or roadblocks that are standing in the way of your success.

Together, we’ll Look at ALL areas of you, your brand & your business…going beneath the surface & what appears to be.

My ‘outside eyes’ support you in navigating your success in an awake and aware state so that you stay connected to your vision, discover more fulfillment in the process and drive the brand & business forward with empowered decisions that are right for you.

I’ll continually be auditing everything including sales, systems, website, offerings, messaging, & social media/content and providing feedback where necessary. Plus, look more deeply at ‘who you’re being’ inside the business & who you want to become as a Brand & CEO aligned with your energetics, essence & intention.

Whether You Feel Blah, Bored Or Burnt Out
Seek To Scale Or Streamline
…Or Even Simplify

work with me

So... what is the Energetics, Essence & Intention

of building, growing or evolving a personal /expert/ thought leadership or influencer brand?

These intangible factors are just as important as the strategy and tactics you deploy and need focus, attention and energy given to them as they are always shifting as you evolve.

how DEEP your message and inner conviction runs

the energy & expertise that you EMBODY

the LEVEL of service, value and/or transformation you provide your clients

the willingness to grow your brand & business with the EVOLUTION of you, your skills & your craft

the capacity to EXPRESS your message & offers

and, how you POSITION yourself with a differenciated point of view

work with me

Lisa's experience, knowledge and sophisticated understanding of her clients is rare.​​​​​​​

"I’ve worked with several high paid biz coaches and NONE of them came close to delivering what was promised. Lisa extracted my own unique brilliance and created a brand I’m proud of that fully expresses me and my work."

-Bernadette Gold

She helped me soar to new heights with my business, branding and strategy.

"Lisa is a Business Strategist & Shaman who sees into you and your business, bringing together both coherence and alignment.
She is MAGICAL and very funny as she guides you down new roads for your business. "

- D'Anna Robinson

My program is personalized to exactly where you’re at.

Find new ways to package and monetize your unique blend of gifts

Refine or redefine your positioning, brand story and unique style

Identify and work through limiting beliefs

Identify new ways to market your business/bring in new business

evaluate your support/team structure

enhance or simplify your systems

Plan Your high-level social media strategy & map your content pillars

Hone in on Blind Spots & 'Leaky Holes' whether it's time, energy, resources or mindset

map a launch plan for your next program

refine or redefine your energetics, essence & Intention

Create a signature methodology or framework

Refine or redefine your niche / ideal customer / audience

Restructure offerings or create new ones

Specific guidance and direction both strategic and energetic, are provided to create the momentum you require + take the bold actions that move you, your brand & business to the next level.

Our time, energy & focus will move where it needs to however, below is a list of what we may cover (not limited to nor do we get to ALL of it)

I don't do Cookie-Cutter...

schedule a consult


Book your 45-minute complimentary consult below. We'll dive into where you're at, what's possible and if we're a right fit to work together. And, if you don’t find what you’re looking for on this site, I have other ways to work together and can customize a unique package for you!

Ready Set Book.

Exhaustion & Burn out…

don't let...

Working harder instead of working smarter.

Self-Doubt and Comparison…

Thinking everyone else is doing it better than you, so why bother?

Sitting alone at your computer, without the right guidance + direction to support you.

Too much focus on goals + metrics. Not listening to your inner wisdom.

Too much spiritual 'processing', looking for answers in signs & guides and not taking actual action.

Limiting Beliefs… 



Strategy without Soul…

Or, on the flip side, giving your power away to 'the universe'...

Unconscious patterns that prevent you from getting what you want.

Holding yourself (and others) to an impossible standard.

...STAND in your way of Creating the Brand & Business you really desire.

Success Story

"When I say "I could NOT have done it without her", I truly mean it...

Other professionals I had worked with in the past could only get me so far but with Lisa's breadth of knowledge and experience in branding, coaching, copywriting, designing and social media marketing, it was like working with 5 experts in one!"

success stories

-Christiana donovan, body & meditation guide

success story

"Lisa guided me back to myself so that I could become a self-anointed leader, NOT a copycat.

Lisa created a fully integrated experience that was part spiritual guidance, highest-self mentorship, combined with her brilliant skills as a marketer and online technology and systems expertise."

success stories

charity gonzalez, empowerment guide

the is the most high touch program i offer. It is tailored, customized & curated exclusively for you.

In Between Sessions...

Package Timeframe:

Payment Plans Available

Three MONTHLY-1.5 to 2 Hour Deep Dives:
Strategic + Soul Coaching & Consult
held on Zoom
(3x per month)

Email* (or video/audio recordings) with Feedback / Reviews:
M-TH Through Entire Program on anything being created- website, sales offers/pages, social media, Promotional Material (newsletters, videos, blogs) etc.

Email* Correspondence / Support: M-TH Through Entire Program for additional questions, brainstorming ideas back and forth or actionable direction.

*or agreed upon platform
 (text, instant messenger, slack, voxer, telegram, or project management system)

3 Month, 6 month or 12 month Commitment available

The results

This is where I’m NOT going to throw out a big fancy 6-figure launch, a raving fan club of 1000's or consistent '20K' months etc…

More confidence in your skills, gifts and craft

More clarity on what to create, for who, (and when) and most importantly, why

What I can stand behind if you're coachable, an action-taker & committed to the process...

These embellished promises that run rampant all over the internet end up doing more harm then good. They lead to extreme disappointment, unrealistic expectations and buyers remorse.

I’m all for increasing your revenue that supports whatever lifestyle you choose + growing your audience who loves to hear from you, however, I won’t project claims because there are many variables & factors to your individual success plus, in entrepreneurship, there are no guarantees.

More knowing-ness (at a deeper level) of yourself and your capacity

More certainty with your role as a leader / CEO & less chaos inside your business

More purpose, power & intention behind all that you do

More focus ‘on your own lane’ rather than what you think you ‘should’ be doing

More connection to your individualized brand & marketing strategies so that you can attract the right, high-caliber clients, increase your visibility and sell confidently

More aligned revenue that’s congruent with how you want to create

“Our work together has 4x’ed my business revenue with a continual growth year to year...

“What sets Lisa apart is her unwavering dedication to your success...

Lisa holds a powerful space for your vision and potential to unfold. Working with her has been a journey of my own personal and professional evolution.

She has helped me to build out my own personal expert brand, double down on my niche, go all in on my product offerings and position how to sell them.

I would not be where I am today without Lisa’s expert guidance, supportive container and strategic implementation to grow my platform, brand & sales.

Truly, I could not have done it without her. And, I continue to work with her as I am continuing to grow!"

Lisa has this amazing ability to not only save you money in the long run but also transform your business in ways you never thought possible.

Her superpower lies in authentically showcasing your talents to the world. She pours her heart and soul into understanding your unique needs and ensures that every step you take aligns with your long-term goals.

This level of personalized support is truly a rarity among coaching and group programs available to women entrepreneurs. Lisa’s breadth of knowledge and experience is unparalleled. She is extremely patient when it comes to teaching you how to apply all the strategies, systems and programs needed to drive your business.

- D'Anna robinson, EMF Expert

- Christy whitney, lifestyle chef & Coach


Book your 45-minute complimentary consult below. We'll dive into where you're at, what's possible and if we're a right fit to work together.

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Implementation support for all things design, digital set-ups, social media, copy refinements & more.

A blend of both positioning and the creation of your platform to set the foundations for you & your Business’s NEXT LEVEL