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Let's dive deep into the 1-3 pillars of your brand, business, marketing, finances, systems, offer creation(expansion) or mindset that needs flushing out in a focused, dedicated 1-1 experience. It's time to take action and achieve the success you deserve. Here are just a few of the possible areas we can power through together:

Looking for a power-packed session to unlock your business's potential? 
Let's collaborate in a mastermind setting to explore your new concept, idea or initiative.

Feeling stuck or stagnant in one area of your business? 
Together, we'll brainstorm and strategize to break through those barriers and take your business to new heights.

Struggling to crack the code on a certain project or launch? 
Let me bring my expertise to the table and help you map out your next steps.

Feeling lackluster and in need of a fresh perspective? 
I'll infuse new juice and energy into your business with my expert "eyes" to help you re-ignite your passion.

Feeling inspired but a little vague and cloudy on how to execute your intentions? 
Let's work together to clarify and bring more clarity and strategy to your vision.

  • Launch Strategy
  • Offers, Programming, Or Service Packages
  • Pricing And Profit Margins
  • Lead Generation
  • Sales Process/Funnels
  • Client Experience / Onboarding
  • Workflows, Systems, Managing Digital Teams
  • Marketing Or Big Picture Social Media
  • Business Finance, Budgets, Forecasting
  • Vision Extraction For Next Level
  • Role As A CEO/Leader
  • Brand Positioning



The Experience...

Deep Dive can be held in 2 different time formats:

Choose between:
One- 3 Hour Single Session Immersion
Two- 1.5 Hour Sessions (held within 2 weeks of each other.)


Once you've purchased your Brand/Business Advisory Deep Dive, we'll schedule your session(s). 

You'll receive a Discovery Questionnaire to identify the key areas you're challenged with.

Our Session(s) will be held on Zoom and includes the recording(s).

After our session(s), I'll send the notes/recap with recommendations & possible resources, homework, and next action steps.

*Brand/Business Advisory Deep Dives provide a flexible and freedom-based approach to receive advisory/guidance/direction/strategy where you're not locked into a package...
however, we may decide to move forward with a long-term program together.

If so, your Deep Dive purchase & session time can be applied toward the investment of either my Strategic Coaching Program OR Platform Palace Branding Experience.
(can be applied within 30 days after the Deep Dive)

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Lisa has been a trusted advisor and asset in my business for many years that I continue to come back to time and time again.

"No matter if its her big picture business insights , soulful, high level intuitive direction or tactical strategy, Lisa is always able to offer the right guidance at the time wherever I am at with my business."

-Lori Ward

Are you feeling lost and unsure of what to post on social media?
Or maybe you're stuck in a content rut and feeling burnt out?

If you've had many stops and starts and can't seem to hit a stride, or if you're ready to amplify your message and connect with your audience on a deeper level, then this social media strategy experience is exactly what you need!

Together, we'll create a clear and specific social media strategy tailored to your brand, with actionable steps to help you succeed. No more guessing or feeling overwhelmed with content creation - it's time to take your social media presence to the next level!
Here's what you can expect from the program:

Week 1 - Audit
Before our first session, I'll conduct a comprehensive review of your accounts, existing content, vibe, and messaging on up to three platforms.

Week 2 - Deep Dive
In our first 2-hour session, we'll dive deep and clarify your brand, social media, and business goals to develop the right strategy for your platform(s). Together, we'll brainstorm and flush out big-picture content categories and themes aligned with your ideal audience.

Week 3 - Research and Conceptualize
Between sessions, I'll delve into what we covered and conduct further research on your ideal market and growth areas. I'll identify relevant hashtags, SEO keywords, and conceptualize key ideas for future content in various formats, including carousels, stories, reels, and short/long-form videos based on your strengths and opportunities to position you as a leader/expert.

Week 4 - Collaborate and Plan
In our second 2-hour session, we'll co-collaborate and refine my recommendations and opportunities. Together, we'll create a personalized content strategy and social media marketing plan to propel your online presence forward.

With this program, you'll have a clear and actionable plan to showcase your personal brand, increase visibility, and connect with your ideal audience on social media. Let's do this!
Social media is the ultimate platform to showcase your personal brand, expertise, and mission to the world. It's the perfect place to increase your visibility, grow your audience, and build a thriving community. But let's be honest - it can also be overwhelming and challenging to navigate on your own.

That's why I'm here to help! Let's take a deep dive into your existing social media presence, refine it, and develop a clear and specific strategy to help you show up more powerfully online. Together, we'll flush out your current approach, identify areas for improvement, and craft a personalized plan to achieve your goals.

Don't let social media hold you back - let's have you showing up as the expert that you are!




The Experience...



Once you've purchased your Social Media Strategy Deep Dive, we'll schedule your Sessions.

You'll receive a Discovery Questionnaire to be filled out prior to my Audit.

Our Sessions will be held on Zoom and includes the recording(s).

After our first Session, I'll provide notes from our time together plus, may give homework that can enhance my research/conceptualizing prep time.

After our Second session, I'll provide notes from our time together plus, a recap of the strategy/plan and actions steps for implementation.

*Payment Plans available. Contact me to discuss!



Lisa helped guide me through all the pieces and parts of the puzzle and I never felt like she had her own agenda.

"Lisa empowered me to learn the foreign world of technology, the digital platforms and social media so I felt excited and confident instead of stuck and confused."

-Lisa Lanzetta

Building a successful brand and business requires ACTION & EXECUTION.

Refinements, upgrades, and tweaks can make all the difference in your success, whether it's short-term impact, exponential growth, a better client experience, or simply making you look and feel like a pro right NOW.

You don’t have to struggle with your design, website, or tech wishlist on your own when you can bring in an expert to help you prioritize and implement it ALL in just ONE day.

As your strategic partner & creator for the day, I'll spend 8 hours inside your online teaching/website platform, and/or creating the brand assets you need for your courses, programs, launches, and social media.

No matter what's on your list, we'll tackle it strategically and efficiently to get the results you need.

Below Are Just A Few Examples Of What We Can Acheive Together:

Are you tired of endless back and forth emails, waiting for your design, website, or tech projects to finally come to fruition?

If your to-do list is overwhelming, and the idea of making the 'much needed' upgrades to your  design, site or systems seems daunting, you're not alone.

DIY-ing can be time-consuming and often leaves you feeling unsatisfied with the final result. And waiting for the right time or funds can leave you feeling stuck and stagnant.

Let's put and end to the waiting game, eliminate the stress & frustration and tackle that  design/tech WISHLIST TODAY.

  • Refine or refresh your website to make it more visually appealing and user-friendly

  • Optimize your sales page for maximum impact

  • Revamp your course layout to improve the client experience and boost engagement

  • Redesign your program graphics and aesthetic for a cohesive look

  • Create custom banners and additional course materials

  • Give your funnel a complete makeover for better conversion rates

  • Design an eye-catching freebie or opt-in and create a funnel sequence to attract and retain more leads

  • create custom social media graphics for stories, reel cover shots, or posts,** (For Past Or Current Clients Within The Last 2 Years or if you've recently undergone a Social Media Strategy Deep Dive.)

So why wait? Let's work together to turn your wishlist into a reality in just one day.




The Experience...




Once you've purchased your Design/Systems Deep Dive, we'll schedule your 1 Day Intensive.

You'll receive a questionnaire  to outline your specific needs and wishlist.
We'll use this to guide our work together.

After you've completed your questionnaire, We'll have a a 45-minute consultation on Zoom to go over your list, prioritize what needs to be completed, and discuss any additional information I'll need from you prior to our Intensive Day.

On Intensive Day, I'll dedicate a full 8 hours to your projects, with a minimum of 2 check-ins throughout the day to ensure we're on track. We'll also stay in touch via email and text for any feedback or revisions needed.

After Intensive Day, you'll have 7 days of email support to ask any additional questions about the work we completed. Please note, any design changes beyond what we accomplished during our Intensive Day are not included in this post support.

*Payment Plans available. Contact me to discuss!

Q: How will I know what can be accomplished during an Intensive Day?

A: Once you complete the initial questionnaire and we review your deliverables during our consultation, we'll have a clearer idea of what can realistically be accomplished during the Intensive Day. This process will help us prioritize and streamline the work so we can achieve the most impactful results within our 8-hour timeframe.

Q: Do I need to be available on the day of the Intensive?

A: Yes, I will need your availability and input during the Intensive Day to approve designs, review layouts, and provide feedback for revisions. The quicker you are to respond, the faster we can move on to the next project. We can communicate through various channels, including text/email. Or a quick screen share on Zoom.

Q: What if you don’t finish all of the items in one day?

A: While my goal is to complete all of the items on your list during our Intensive Day, it's important to remember that design/tech work is variable. I will do my best to provide a realistic set of items that can be completed, however I cannot guarantee that every single piece will be complete. This service is paying for my time and expertise, not just deliverables. In the event that we're unable to complete everything, we can discuss the option of booking another Intensive Day in our post-intensive support.



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