Make a Statement with a powerfully positioned platform & online presence aligned with your one-of-a-kindness

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disrupt the sea of sameness...

stand out in style



 as a personal brand, expert, thought leader or influencer






...with a roadmap for your growth both short-term and long-term


for you

with you

all of you

... who you are & what you do, the way only you can do it that sets you apart

...with your signature style & story designed to stand out

...with the strategies that attract your aligned leads, clients or co-collaborations

your platform & online presence needs to:



this is the art of


that combines

your Specific brand strategy & energy

Your right aligned systems & structures

your Power behind the platform that’s Held & exuded by

as the brand

the art of platform mastery

Unlock your brand's real POWER

Catapult your next level

Amplify your influence

Captivate your ideal clients

Stand out as YOU in the ‘sea of sameness’

platform power


Platform POWER is an immersive Brand & Business Development experience that weaves strategy and the creation of a Powerfully Positioned Platform that attracts & impacts with your one-of-a-kindness!

positioning, planning and direction for your platform and online presence: strategic, energetic and creative

Optimization of your business structures, product suite/revenue streams

Evolution of your visual representation and visceral experience

Seamless site & systems upgrade

plus, alignment with the mindset & magnetism (aka your power) for your next level

consider it a 'makeover' for you, your brand & your business's next level that includes:

I am dedicated to empowering personal brands, thought leaders, experts, and influencers like you to rise above the competition, cultivate genuine connections, and Create a lasting impact through the power of Your platform and online presence.

Let's revolutionize your brand & propel you towards the extraordinary in

platform power

In the heart of the program, we'll delve deep into your identity and authority as that forms the core essence of your brand.

Together we’ll:

  • Establish a clear understanding of your target audience, and what sets you apart from the competition by defining who you are, whom you serve, and what makes you ‘one-of-a-kind’

  • Distill your brand's voice, tone, and point of view, drawing from your experience, expertise, and brilliance

  • Develop or enhance your  'signature' style, system, and brand story, ensuring that they authentically reflect your essence & aligned energy

This will serve as the foundation for your brand platform so that you can build credibility, authority, and a strong relationship with potential leads and clients. Your platform's potential and power originates here.


Potential & Power

define, refine or reinvent your brand's

Platform Power is about creating a cohesive, consistent, and powerfully positioned brand…and that includes a compelling message.

Together, we'll:

  • translate your vision and mission statement into a clear, powerful overarching  brand theme

  • refine your messaging to infuse it with more depth, substance, passion, and power

  • establish what you stand for to fuel your platform with authenticity and conviction

Your message will resonate with your target audience on a profound level and additionally carve out a distinct space in the market so that you stand out amidst the noise.


Powerful Message

cultivate & craft your brand's

We'll closely examine your current* offerings, services, or packages to determine their market viability. Together, we will conduct a thorough evaluation to determine their performance, uncover growth opportunities, and ensure alignment with your brand's vision and positioning.

Through this evaluation, we'll:
  • pinpoint opportunities for improvement, such as refining your value proposition, up-leveling features, or introducing new offerings that align with your brand's overarching theme

  • identify any areas that may need refinement or enhancement to better serve your target audience and meet their evolving needs

  • dive into your alignment with your offerings and if they require an up-level because you’ve grown and evolved.

Ultimately, this comprehensive assessment and optimization of your product suite & revenue streams will pave the way for business growth. By aligning your offerings, services, and pricing with your brand's vision and value, you'll be well-positioned to attract your target market and increase your revenue and profitability.

*If this is your first platform, we’ll create your initial offers or packages to get you started.


Product suite & profits

propel your 


strategic success

Mapping out the strategic flow within your platform is crucial for effective implementation. Together, we'll create a  roadmap that integrates seamlessly into your platform, setting the stage for sustainable growth.

We'll review what’s currently working (or not) and identify the right systems and structures that will support you with:

  • marketing efforts such as customer relationship management (CRM) system, automation tools and effective list-building strategies

  • funnels/consumer pathways that guide your target market towards conversion and nurture lasting relationships with your brand

  • streamlined checkout process or enhanced upselling strategies

This comprehensive approach will enable you to attract, engage, and convert your target audience, ultimately driving revenue growth and positioning your business for long-term success. Additionally, this will streamline your operations and empower you to deliver a cohesive and engaging brand experience.

set your business up for

Get ready to step into a new era of design that harmonizes with your brand strategy. Building upon the solid foundation we've established through the process above, I will seamlessly blend the elements of human psychology with my innate 'superpower' of visual intuition.

Together, we will create an immersive experience that captivates your audience, effectively conveying your message, and compelling them to take action. Your platform will become a powerful tool, exuding professionalism, credibility, and a sense of authenticity that sets you apart from the crowd.

As we embark on this journey, I will craft the graphics, colors, fonts, and images (or even provide creative direction for a photo shoot if needed) that will form the backbone of your platform's design. Every detail will be strategically aligned to ensure maximum impact and resonance.

Prepare to witness the transformation as your platform evolves into a masterpiece that reflects your vision, mission, and values. Through a harmonious blend of strategic design and visual storytelling, we will craft a platform that leaves a lasting impression and truly showcases your brand's essence.



Visual Presence

ignite your brand's

success story

"Lisa's experience, knowledge and sophistication of her client's is rare.

I’ve worked with several high paid biz coaches and NONE of them came close to delivering what was promised. Lisa extracted my own unique brilliance and created a brand I’m proud of that fully expresses me and my work.

Lisa is a GENIUS with all things marketing & branding. Her digital marketing savvy brilliance made the process of repositioning, branding and design easy.

If you have spent money on other coaches or consultants/strategists but ended up with nothing usable, I guarantee you won’t experience that with Lisa."

success stories

Bernadette gold, spiritual teacher & Psychic

How it works


We'll extract or expand your vision into a specific roadmap for you, your brand and business's next level both short-term and long-term.


phase 1

the foundation

We'll deep dive into your energy/essence/power and what's required of you to deepen more so into your message/mission to embody your next level


We'll match the right aligned brand strategies and business growth strategies/systems that shape your next level 


SEVEN- 1.5 hour brand/business recalibration sessions

ONE- 2.5 hour deep dive Visionary Extraction Session

A deep dive session into your vision, desires, and needs, both in the short and long term to establish what it truly will take to propel your business forward and create a solid foundation for your personal and professional up-level aligned with the platform required for your next level.

These sessions will use the above Brand & Business Framework as a process, however, each one will be specific to you based on where attention, time, energy and focus needs to go as we shape the foundations of you, your brand and business's next level. They'll include a combination of the below:

-Strategic planning and direction for your brand evolution, platform/site/systems upgrade

-Flush out programming, offerings, and services to align with your brand's vision

-Enhance messaging direction and make impactful enhancements

-Maintain momentum and connection to make sure all pieces of the ‘puzzle’ are coming together

-Accountability to stay on track with our goals/timelines

We'll stay connected through our decided upon communication style/platform (text, email, voxer or project management system). Additionally, we'll use google docs to set-up framework & roadmaps & hold what's in creation & refinements at this stage to share back and forth.

Want  to Expedite the 10 Week Timeline for Phase 1 - The Foundation?

fast track available:  Includes 4: 3 Hour Deep dive Sessions with same process, focus and framework

in between sessions


brand strategy & business development process

success story

"If you're just looking for a website design…don’t use Lisa.

If you’re looking to go on a journey to co-create a brand, business and life that are all in alignment with your greatest gifts and want to create a digital landscape that represents who you are then you should stop doing whatever you're doing and CALL Lisa now! She has lit the pathway for me to transform like a phoenix rising from the ashes and create all that I have. She has played an integral part of my evolution. She will transform your world...and save you thousands of dollars and years of internal heartache."

success stories

Christy whitney, Lifestyle Coach & CHef for Midlife Women

How it works

phase 2

the creation


3-45 Minute review/refinement sessions

Up to a set amount of ‘design/tech/execution’ hours applied to the platform/brand in the making.

As Brands come to life, each one is uniquely different thus require different components/assets/systems. I Design/refine in this style so we can create & build what you really need. The set ‘hours’ will flex and flow where they need to go and can be applied to: (but not limited to)

-Front-end and back-end design upgrade/system evolution

-Integration of tech features and digital systems

-Image Sourcing to Capture Your Brand's Visual Vibe

-Copy, Messaging, Content edits and refinements: aka ‘Copy sparkle’

-Graphics and Collateral Creation Beyond the Platform- social media brand banners/lead magnet design/Newsletter Template/course or program assets

-Social Media Launch Graphics and/or branded templates

-Any additional project-related time to Ensure Every Detail is Handled with Care and Expertise

These sessions will be spaced out accordingly during the creation phase for connection, feedback and staying on track.

This session will be held at the tail-end of our time together to review/train/walk-through all integrations/systems that you will be utilizing on an ongoing basis inside your business.

Our last session together as a final wrap-up for any final finessing/tweaking and a deep dive into what's next to launch your new brand out in the world.

My Expert Guidance On What You Will Need To Focus On Or Supply So That All Pieces Come Together Seamlessly & Process/Projects(s) are moving forward.

1-75 minute training session

1-75 minute launch session

project (and People) management

4-8 weeks

depending on size and scope of platform in the making

success story

success story

"Lisa went above and beyond and felt like a business partner in my journey to rebrand my business and up-level my services to my clients.

"Lisa is a Business Strategist & Shaman who sees into you and your business, bringing together both coherence and alignment.

Lisa helped me shape a signature program, re-brand and market my whole business from programming to messaging to actual copy points. Now, I am attracting my ideal clients more often. From their first point of contact with my brand, they had a better understanding of my essence."

She helped me soar to new heights with my business, branding and strategy.  She is cutting edge and knows how to create a custom brand that is unique to you. If you want to go to the next level in your business and receive crystal clear guidance with a professional who’s got your back, then work with Lisa Persico."

success stories

d'anna robinson, EMF EXPERT

Rosie gaugliardo, life & career coach

don't create your first platform or your next platform that...

...becomes a boring business card online static & ultimately, ends up being stagnant Obsolete in 6-8 months because you've evolved

...You are Unable to grow from (or even grow into)

...doesn't reflect your energy, essence & intention 

...doesn't include both your short-term & long-term strategy

...doesn't provide an experience both visually & viscerally

...doesn't resonate with your ideal audience

...doesn't stand out with your signature style

-For starter platforms/brands

-Smaller 'rebrands/upgrades'  without program 'long-form sales pages'/advanced digital strategies

-Or a 1st phase roll-out that we determine the Highest priority brand assets/systems etc.

-For mid-sized platforms/brands utilizing some of the advanced digital strategies, an online teaching platform (or desire to be) Or have 1-2 programs/offers that require long-form sales pages

-For large-sized platforms/brands utilizing many of the advanced digital strategies with an online teaching platform  Plus, have 3-4 programs/offers that require long-form sales pages


all components in
Phase 1- the foundation
Phase 2- The Creation


all components in
Phase 1- the foundation
Phase 2- The Creation


all components in
Phase 1- the foundation
Phase 2- The Creation


*If  'execution' hours remain from your package, they’ll roll-over and can be applied to your next phase or anything miscellaneous that may come up after the launch. (which is rarely the case)

And, if 'execution' hours go over your committed package, due to additional requests/revisions/scope shift - an ala carte ‘execution hours’ package can be purchased to add-on more hours.

The overviews per tier are just to give an idea of where you may shake out. As we work together in Phase 1, we'll determine more specifically what's priority, what can be scaled, condensed, or even eliminated, and what components/assets are really required... plus, the 'literal' platform(s) and systems to build-out. 

up to 45
 'execution' hours

up to 65
 'execution' hours

up to 85
 'execution' hours

most popular

3 package tiers


Book your 45-minute complimentary consult below. We'll dive into where you're at, what's possible and if we're a right fit to work together.

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not ready for a full brand/platform makeover?

If you have a designer/Team for Execution: The Foundational Next Level Brand & Business Framework (i.e. Phase 1) can be done within this Strategic Coaching Program. We Specifically deep dive into one or all that you may need to up-level based on where you & Your business are aT.

If You're Not ready for full brand/platform makeover: Check out the 1-1 Personalized success Evolution Coaching Program. This 3-6-12 Month container includes strategic growth guidance & Direction to drive your brand & Business forward with the Evolution of You. 

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