"LISA is the REAL deal and will guide you into embodying your brand in a way that is authentic to you and your message.

When Lisa takes you on as a client she is completely committed to your success. She doesn’t try to put you in a box or program and then treat you the same as all her other clients. She celebrates your unique skills & personality and understands that her approach needs to be personalized for your experience, goals, needs & desires.

Lisa guided me to uncover my true passion and embrace my real calling. She wouldn’t stop until I wanted to shout from the rooftops what I was lit-up about and was clear about what I wanted to do and share with the world.

She has lit the pathway for me to transform like a phoenix rising from the ashes and create all that I have. She has played an integral part of my evolution.

She's always seen the best in me... even during the times I was overwhelmed and filled with doubt. She has been my muse, guide and co-creator on my journey of discovery. Working with her as a brand stylist, intuitive guide and business strategist has been priceless.

 She will meet you where you are at with your business and will take you on the most transformational journey of your life.

If you are a woman entrepreneur you owe it to yourself to work with Lisa. She will save you thousands of dollars and years of internal heartache.

-Christy Whitney, The Food Wizard

“I am now truly serving at a much higher level with my clients plus, generating more revenue frequently and consistently now that I have re-positioned my services and re-branded my entire business with Lisa.

She is truly a business magician! She not only is a professional at a high level, she is caring and compassionate and really wanted to see me succeed in business and life!

You ever hit a stall in your business and uh-oh, what do I do now? Then the stall lasts for 2 years while you throw money at the so-called experts. Now you are not only stalled, your money drains away and these so-called experts become anything but what you really need. walks a miracle and her name is Lisa Persico!

She was able to really “see” me and my business. Right from the start, magic started happening. Yes, she activated me + agitated me as she pushed me to the greatness that I had been holding back.

I’m an outside the box kinda gal and she was the perfect fit for that... No cookie cutter strategies! She took me and my business exactly where I was, yet held the higher vision while going at my pace, customizing to exactly what I needed at the right time. She helped guide me through all the pieces and parts of the puzzle and I never felt like she had her own agenda.

She empowered me to learn the foreign world of technology, the digital platforms and social media so I felt excited and confident instead of stuck and confused."

-Lisa Lanzetta, Master Shamanic Coach

Other professionals I had worked with in the past could only get me so far but with Lisa's breadth of knowledge and experience in branding, coaching,  copywriting, designing and social media marketing, it was like working with 
5 experts in one!  Lisa helped me develop a personal brand, and launch my online teaching platform, creating a seamless, professional design that captured my unique style and energy.

Her style is direct, yet patient. She will tell you what she thinks to help you get out of your own way, yet will also give you the space you need to take in and process the new ideas, direction or design she is guiding you toward. Lisa has a gift for seeing a bigger picture & higher purpose for your business plus,  the ability to create a container for your ideas to develop and grow. I consider it a blessing to have found her and plan to continue benefiting from her guidance for years to come."

Lisa was able to take me through the process of building a strong foundation for my soul-based business! Because of her expertise and creativity, I now have a  website, new offers & packages plus,  a presence on social media I can be proud of. I appreciate that Lisa sees from the high overall vision all the way through the details to implement everything necessary to bring it into form. 

 As we worked, Lisa recognized places where I was stuck and getting in my own way and patiently guided me (aka talked me down from the cliff) through those times. I recommend that anyone who needs direction, a nudge (kick in the pants) or a total upgrade, work with Lisa."

Now, I am attracting my ideal clients more often. From their first point of contact with my brand, they had a better understanding of my essence. So, my consultations are able to flow more naturally & organically. I have clients I just LOVE to work with & support. I know it's because of the work I did to re-shape my business to more accurately reflect who I am & what I have to offer."

"Lisa cuts through the confusion and brings clarity, meaning and direction to your business, all the while holding a higher vision for your personal and professional growth.

"Lisa both created powerful pieces for my business AND taught me to use and create within my own platforms-website, blog, newsletter + my social media.

"Lisa helped me shape a signature program, re-brand and market my whole business from programming to communication messaging to actual copy points. 

When I say "I could not have done this without her", I truly mean it.

Have you heard, "Feed them a fish and they eat for a day. Teach them to fish and they'll eat for a lifetime"? That's been my experience with Lisa!


If you have spent money on other coaches or marketing consultants/strategists but ended up with nothing usable, I guarantee you won’t experience that with Lisa. Her experience, knowledge and sophisticated understanding of her clients is rare.​​​​​​​"

Unlike other coaches, this was not a series of one off calls with some cheerleader motivation with a formula to follow, (and a lot of spinning my wheels in between). Lisa created a fully integrated experience that was part spiritual guidance, highest-self mentorship, combined with her brilliant skills as a marketer and online technology and systems expertise."

"Lisa guided me back to myself and showed me how to tune into my own wisdom, claim it, and cultivate it to create a brand and business that was so aligned with my truth that I could become a self-anointed leader, not a copycat.

Lisa nailed what every coach I’d ever worked with was missing.

Lisa Persico is a Genius with Heart! Her talents and endless GIFTS leave me breathless and continually surprised.  She is off the charts & outside the box. 
Lisa took me under her wing and into her heart. She helped me soar to new heights with my business, branding and strategy. Plus, she absolutely “over-delivers” and is so very generous with her talents and time.

She is cutting edge and knows how to create a custom brand that is unique to you. If you want to go to the next level in your business and receive crystal clear guidance with a professional who’s got your back, then work with Lisa Persico. It will be a game changer for you and your business."

Beth Riedler, Animal Intuitive

-Rosie Gaugliardo, Life Coach

Charity Gonzalez, Empowerment Expert

Christiana Donovan, Body & Mind Guide

"Lisa is a GENIUS with all things marketing. Her digital marketing savvy brilliance made the process of repositioning, branding and design easy.

I’ve worked with several high paid biz coaches and NONE of them came close to delivering what was promised.

Bernadette Gold, Spiritual Advisor & Expert Psychic

"Lisa is a Business Strategist & Shaman who sees into you and your business, bringing together both coherence and alignment. She is MAGICAL and very funny as she guides you down new roads for your business.

I stepped into a whole new level for my business.

D'Anna Robinson, EMF Expert

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