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Time and time again, I hear...
"HOW do I do that?"
"Who does ALL of this?"
"If I only had a team, a VA, or someone to help me."
"I've learned so much but now I need to implement."
"I'll wait until I know what I'm doing or need to do."

I get it...

The ONLINE world (or really business in any industry) can have you scrambling,
running yourself ragged & spinning your wheels with all the things you're suppose to be
creating, doing, or implementing to make things happen.

And, YES...it's ALOT! And, it can be very overwhelming!

A Team, a dedicated VA, or a Social Media Manager may all be in your future...
(or maybe you've tried on a few for size thus far)

However, in my experience, I've seen too many entrepreneurs not know WHAT they really need nor even know WHEN to bring these types of people on board.
Additionally,  confusion of WHO does what'  paired with a 'wishful thinking' ideal-ism that a 'unicorn' will just magically take it all off their plate & figure it all out leads to even more unrealistic expectations or frustration.

Don't Get Stuck Creating All the Wrong Things, at the Wrong Time with the Wrong People...

You may have been frustrated with:

The ‘Lost in Translation’ issue...

and, if you've ever tried an out-sourced contractor or service before...

No matter how much you communicate & try to articulate what you're looking for there’s just a disconnect between the vision and form

Weeks or even months to get something done...

With a whole lot of chasing in between and a whole lot of revisions

Sub-par work...

Inconsistency with overall brand...

Only focus is on the task at hand…

A zillion emails back and forth...

here's how i can help...

And, it really doesn’t even cut it but you settle for it anyway because at least it's finally done

No cohesive-ness in the creation because a mish- mash of people are doing different things all separate from one another

This is where the strategy tends to get lost or diffused because there is a disconnect with the bigger picture and little to no investment in overall vision

That creates a lag time to get something completed + a loss of momentum


SYSTEMS/digital tech set-ups

messaging/copy refinements


 web DESIGN/
brand collateral


all in one place!

These bundles are discounted packages of 'hours' that I extend for all of my Strategic Coaching Clients that can be used for anything execution-related in regards to design, digital set-ups, systems, structures, graphics, direction of team, and copy refinements etc. (see full list below)


This is the most simplified way to get started (or build upon) so that we have enough flexibility and can adapt with the plans we are creating together when execution support is needed to move components forward.

I'm NOT stepping in as your team, VA, OBM or Integrator with the Execution Bundle Package. What I am providing is a way to  carve the path WITH you so you can get your foundations set, 'learn things in the doing' so that you can make more empowered decisions plus, offer a more hands-on, guided approach with my expertise in many facets of execution so projects don't take forever!

Execution Bundles


this is a co-collaboration of creation

Filling In This GAP With Action, Momentum & Implementation
Is What ACTUALLY Moves The Needle.

i.e. Done-With-You

Implementation is CRUCIAL to your success!

And, not just 'Spaghetti against the wall' execution but the right things, at the right time based on where you're at right now & where you want to go.

You can only listen to so many Masterclasses talk about theory or be in a Group Program teaching generic strategies until you flip the switch, apply it specifically to your own business and get into action! 

As a Strategist who VALUES Implementation,
I don't want to leave you hangin'...

...experiencing more delays than you need to

...staying stuck because the execution is standing is your way

...Wasting Time on the wrong things

...Getting Frustrated because nothing is Coming to Fruition

...And, maybe Lost with what to even implement

Because of her expertise and creativity, I now have a website, new offers & packages plus, a presence on social media I can be proud of.

" I appreciate that Lisa sees from the high overall vision all the way through the details to implement everything necessary to bring it into form with you. "

-Beth Riedler

She helped guide me through all the pieces and parts of the puzzle.

"She took me and my business exactly where I was, yet held the higher vision while going at my pace, customizing to exactly what I needed at the right time."

-Lisa Lanzetta

How it Works

Execution Bundles

my expertise

aligned vision


strategically created

My plethora of expertise is weaved into all implementation to ensure what's being created is aligned with the bigger picture.

Through our Strategic Sessions, we determine what’s really needed AND when.
Additionally, I guide you on whatever part of the project is required from you.
This allows us both to stay laser-focused on who does what.

Because I have such a deep grasp on:
...the scope of your brand & business holistically
...a bigger picture viewpoint on the initiatives & strategy that we are working on together
...plus, an understanding of your skills

I pretty much know what it will take for both you and I to move the pieces and parts forward to get ‘er done!

No delays, No lost in translation. We move together so all is coming together to create the momentum that moves the needle, plus, refine/tweak accordingly.

Next to 'aligned vision' this is another biggie that makes ALL the difference. Your specific strategy is infused into all that's created so we're not 'talking' about one thing and what's being executed is another.

This alone makes ALL the difference in implementation. Our connection in the Strategy Sessions solidifies the foundation making it easier to integrate the vision into form.

Because I'm invested in you, your brand & vision, everything implemented is cohesive & congruent with your vibe.


I move at lightning speed when it's GO time. I'm known for collapsing time while simplifying the process.

the difference:

quality & on-brand

You’re Moved To The Top Of The List In My Production Schedule Meaning Your Projects Are HIGH-PRIORITY.

Your 'Hours' Carry Over As Opposed To A Month-To-Month 'Retainer'

You're Not Getting Quotes For One Thing And Then The Scope Shifts Or Energy/Focus Changes And The Work/Time Is Lost.

You’re Not Investing Too Prematurely In Something You May Or May Not Need





  • Higher Level Digital/Tech Components: Campaigns / Funnels (Front-End / Back-End)

  • Payment/Shopping Cart Hook-Ups

  • Membership / Course Optimization / Organization (Front-End/Back-End)

  • Landing Pages/Opt-In Forms

  • Website Template Navigation & Tweaking Support

  • Blog Set-Up / Organization / Refinement

  • Newsletter Set-Up/Branded Template

  • Content Extraction/Strategy for Social Media/Fb Ads

  • Copy Editing for Blogs/Newsletters/Sales Material/Launches/Offerings

  • Copy/Content 'Refinements'- musing, 'sparkling' & popping & punching up for any project,/website,/sales page,

  • Custom Template Development or Refining of Purchased Templates

  • Custom Graphics / Reel Development with your Specific Content

  • Strategic Content / Caption / Bio Development or Refinement

  • LinkTree Creation or Custom Links Page for Site

  • Creation/Management/Maintenance of internal project management system

  • Creation/Management/Maintenance of marketing, launch or content calendar

  • Task Distribution/Delegation/ Directives to team members/independent contractors

  • Website Revisions, Re-Skins, Enhancements or Additional Pages

  • Marketing Collateral (Digital & Print): brochures, biz cards, etc., banners/branding for social media  or launch materials - opt-ins, guidebooks, pdf course materials

  • Conceptual Brand Mock-Ups (Mood Boards, Image Sourcing, Colors, etc.)

  • Graphics



More of an expansive list of what can be created!

  • Full Sales Page (or larger scope landing page) - Branded & Built

  • Full Creation/Development OR Optimization of Back-End Membership/Course Site


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