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I'm a Brand & Business Strategist who believes you've got to build your dreams from the inside out

hey, I'm Lisa

I co-create, cultivate or evolve businesses and brands based on EXACTLY where you are at, what you can do and what you will do. Together, we'll go beneath the surface and what appears to be... tapping into your OWN potent magic & power within to HONE your talents & gifts, EVOLVE your abilities and EXPAND your potential.

  • dimming their own light
  • unsure where to place their energy, time & resources
  • information overload from courses & trainings with conflicting strategies
  • losing their sanity to the systems
  • getting stuck in the sea of sameness
  • straddling at the brink of burnout
  • hustling meaninglessly that ends up sucking their heart and soul
  • 'burnt' by a former coach, program or mastermind that didn't deliver

or...not even getting started.

...As technology & speed of implementation has accelerated
...Formulas & cookie cutter blueprints have run rampant
...And, the manufacturing &  homogenization of brands has dominated

Women come to me exhausted, immobilized, unmotivated or lacking luster due to either:

My zone of genius lies in my exceptional capacity to see the broad stroke, higher perspective & bigger picture down to the most minute detail plus, extract the vision, the process & the brilliance of the entrepreneur while navigating the creation of vision to form and everything in between.

I guide my clients in fusing their soul + style combined with the right strategies and systems to develop cohesive platforms, websites, unique signature programs and products aligned with their 'one of a kind-ness'!

​Now more than ever, creativity in ALL forms and mediums is a requirement. It is the cutting edge to break the mold and step into an ORIGINAL... busting out of the ‘vague & vanillas', standing out from the ‘emulators & imitators’ and truly showcasing how you 'BE & DO' you... in life and business.

a little bit more about me...

-my 10 year corporate, professional career in traditional sales & advertising, public relations, marketing and branding in the fashion industry

-plus, my 7 years in the healing arts, intuitive practices + energy medicine/shamanic training

Let's get My expert eyes on You & your brand...

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-my 18 years as an entrepreneur with over 12 of those years as a business development & brand strategy consultant/coach for an array of business models & styles including brick & mortars, online digital platforms from
start-ups to 7-figures to 'expert' entrepreneurs and lifestyle brands in health, fitness, beauty, wellness, spirituality, personal development and more

My experience, expertise and processes stem from a combination of:

not about

Fake 'anything',
band-aid fixes,
online 'smoke & mirrors',
the word "hack",
that hustle game


high heels, Canva,
Shark Tank, dark chocolate,
helping you to find
your superpower & embody your brand

all about


Success Is An Inside Job....

"We must be the epitome- the embodiment- of success. We must radiate success before it comes to us. We must first become mentally, from an attitude standpoint, the people we wish to become"

— earl nightingale


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Download the 9 foundational 'inner' Success strategies to CATAPULT the Next Level You

No business strategy will work without the RIGHT energy, mindset & attitude.

This Guidebook shares how to align, activate & embody your next level so that you can upscale how you THINK, how you FEEL & ultimately, how you CREATE from a deeper sense of purpose, with a possibility perspective and in a place of power.

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