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Brands are built upon aligning WHAT you do with WHO you are…all of your brilliance, beauty and being-ness
(and, who you’re becoming!)

Because there’s only ONE you.
Your-One-Of-A-Kindness is the SECRET to your Success.

Call it your superpower, genius, magic, it factor or special sauce.

at success sanctuary...

 we believe

your signature is your success 

It's the fusion of your unique qualities that make you truly one-of-a-kind. It’s the extraordinary blend of who you are, what you do, and how you deliver it like no one else can in a way that sets you apart.

Most importantly, it's what you stand FOR that will make you stand OUT in 2023 and beyond.

It's your distinct style, your captivating story, and the way you show up and share it with the world.

 It's Your Signature...
the heart and soul of your brand, embodying your individuality, expertise, and unmatched approach.

For personal brands, thought leaders, experts, and influencers, the true power of your platform and online presence lies in your energy, identity & authority.
It shapes the core essence of your brand & business. If done right, your potential clients, audience or following will FEEL you not just SEE you. If not explored and communicated effectively, you risk getting lost amidst the noise and sea of sameness.

And, this is not just about aesthetics…
a logo, pretty brand colors, glossy pictures for the Gram or a fabulous ‘perfectly done’ website.

Yes, those things do matter…
however, only after you’ve identified (or deepened into) the energetics & essence of you and your brand.

Now more than ever, integrating your 'signature' into ALL forms and mediums is a requirement..
strategically, energetically and creatively.

It is the cutting edge to break the mold and step into an ORIGINAL to bust out of the ‘vague & vanillas', stand out from the ‘emulators & imitators’ and truly showcase how you 'BE & DO' you...
in life and business.

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the energetics AND evolution

of a personal brand, thought leader or expert

alignment AND action

AND  soul

without burnout or overwhelm

your sacred sweet spot in business & Life

is about




The RIGHT Strategies For You, At The Right Time Driven by your own style, substance & soul

On your terms...


defined or redefined by YOU, your WAY (as long as you're not in your way!)


meaning ALL areas of your life, not just based on external motivation, monetary goals & measuring yourself by societal OR ’online’ industry standards

I’ve just about seen it all...

  • the trends & gimmicks that come and go

  • the online, digital marketing & social media rules ‘dominate’(and then change and then change back, again!)

  • the formulas & blueprints touted by the online gurus suck the life (and soul) out of people.

  • the ‘smoke & mirrors’ of the online world make false promises & over-embellished claims leaving people disappointed, ‘burnt’ & bamboozled.

  • people that imitate or 'copycat' what may have worked for their coach/mentor all while selling out their own soul for someone else’s version of success.

...just to name a few!

Because that’s EXACTLY what entrepreneurship is…a JOURNEY.
And, no two paths are the same.

i'm not about any of this

what I do know to be

SUCCESS is an ‘inside job’
…and when you combine your own style, substance & soul matched with the RIGHT strategies for you, at the right time, you’re able to attain & maintain the SUCCESS you truly desire that’s defined by YOU.

Your next level of SUCCESS requires a next level YOU
…and no amount of tactics or strategy will work without the right energy, mindset or ATTITUDE.

Building a personal / thought leader / expert / influencer brand is one of the greatest pathways for self-discovery, internal growth, impact & connection
…because as you EVOLVE, so does the brand & business.

It may take longer (or maybe not), it may not be as SEXY nor sound as good but what I can guarantee is that it’s WORTH it...

  • WORTH it to do/build/create the thing you REALLY want to do instead of falling into what you think will ‘work’

  • WORTH it be where you’re AT and continually be IN the process of growing both as an entrepreneur/human being

  • WORTH it to stay in your lane and not get distracted by all the bright shiny objects

  • WORTH it to keep your soul intact and not be led astray by the over glamorization of the online space/industry

  • WORTH it to embrace your OWN individualized, direct experience of the entrepreneurial journey


-my 18 years as an entrepreneur with over 12 of those years as a business development & brand strategy consultant/coach for an array of business models & styles including brick & mortars, online digital platforms from
start-ups to 7-figures to 'expert' entrepreneurs and lifestyle brands in health, fitness, beauty, wellness, spirituality, personal development and more

-my 10 year corporate, professional career in traditional sales & advertising, public relations, marketing and branding in the fashion industry

-plus, my 9 years in the healing arts, intuitive practices + energy medicine/shamanic training

My zone of genius lies in my exceptional capacity to see the broad scope, higher perspective & bigger picture down to the most minute detail, plus, extract the vision, the process & the brilliance of the entrepreneur while navigating the creation of vision to form and everything in-between.

about me

not about

Fake 'anything',
band-aid fixes,
online 'smoke & mirrors',
the word "hack",
that hustle game


high heels, Canva,
Shark Tank, dark chocolate, helping you cultivate your signature  embody your brand

all about


Success Is An Inside Job....

"We must be the epitome- the embodiment- of success. We must radiate success before it comes to us. We must first become mentally, from an attitude standpoint, the people we wish to become"

— earl nightingale



Is it time for a



deep dives

brand make-over



work with me

Laser-Focused strategic Immersions that deep dive into your brand/business, social media or design/systems

An Immersive Brand & Business Development Experience That Weaves Strategy And The Creation Of A Powerfully Positioned Platform That Attracts & Impacts With Your One-Of-A-Kindness!

Strategic growth guidance & direction to drive your brand & business forward aligned with the evolution of you. A Blend Of Brand & Business Consulting Combined With Entrepreneurial Lifestyle & Success Mindset Coaching.

I co-create, cultivate or evolve businesses and brands based on EXACTLY where you are at & Guide you to where you desire to be.

Together, We'll SHAPE How You Show Up...
As A Brand, Business & Soul Both Online & In The World 
by tapping into your OWN potent magic & power within to HONE your talents & gifts, EVOLVE your abilities and EXPAND your potential.



Start by scheduling your 45-minute consultation below. We'll deep dive into where you're at, what's possible and if we're the right fit for working together. And, if you don’t find what you’re looking for on this site, I have other ways to work together and can customize a unique package for you!


“Our work together has 4x’ed my business revenue with a continual growth year to year...

Lisa holds a powerful space for your vision and potential to unfold. Working with her has been a journey of my own personal and professional evolution.

She has helped me to build out my own personal expert brand, double down on my niche, go all in on my product offerings and position how to sell them.

I would not be where I am today without Lisa’s expert guidance, supportive container and strategic implementation to grow my platform, brand & sales.

Truly, I could not have done it without her. And, I continue to work with her as I am continuing to grow!"

- D'Anna robinson, EMF Expert


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No business strategy will work without the RIGHT energy, mindset & attitude.

This Guidebook shares how to align, activate & embody your next level so that you can upscale how you THINK, how you FEEL & ultimately, how you CREATE from a deeper sense of purpose, with a possibility perspective and in a place of power.

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