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I blend my 12 years as an entrepreneur,
7 years as a business development and marketing consultant/coach for online businesses, brick & mortars and personal and lifestyle brands,
15 years in traditional advertising, PR and branding in the fashion industry 
5 years in the healing arts, intuitive practices + energy medicine/shamanic training
to create a custom and integrative experience
for conceptualizing, cultivating or expanding your business/brand
and additionally, evolving your personal expansion in the process..

Combining Marketing, Musing, Mirroring And Mentoring as:


An Intuit of your Brilliance, Beauty and Magic
A Chasm-Builder of your Next Level, Upscale or Re-Invention

A Space Holder of your Most Precious Sacred Dreams
A Catalyst for your Own Personal Evolution, Possibility and Empowered Version of You
A Conduit for your Original Creativity
A Co-Collaborator  & Co-Creatrix of your Success in Motion



My Eyes ‘See’ it All

From vision to form, big idea to execution, creation to collaboration to completion
(and all that's between at the linear/logical level)


 I’m the Visionary Big Idea Girl

that extracts out the gems & golden nuggets of your idea, vision, concept or plan while adding back/in the creativity

meets ...

The Laser Sharp & Focused Strategist

who can power through till solutions are met, ideas & concepts move into motion and best, right next steps are identified and aligned…

However, more importantly...

I ‘See’ The Energetics

Of what is ‘really’ happening in any particular moment/situation/phase/circumstance that makes a significant impact on navigating the uncharted territories, ups & downs, ebbs and flows of the wild ride of life and business.

And, even beyond that...

I ‘See’ Your Soul

Your unique potential and the possibility for your ever-evolving and expanding journey.

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